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Precise planning and organi- zation make for a successful conference.

Europe lives on communication and permanent personal exchanges. With COPURA, you will understand Europe and Europe will understand you.

> Organisation

We ensure that you are able to concentrate fully on the job at hand. COPURA is a global-service event management company: with our conference organizers, we work with you to bring together the right concept. We book the venue, bring in the catering and equipment you need and are happy to fulfil any particular requests you may have. We work with expert support teams to guarantee high quality service. We can support all of your audiovisual or computer needs to make your meeting more effective.

> Concept

We go through the planning process of your event with you, and tailor your event to your target group. We design the necessary documentation and material to fit your needs and your events. Our services also include briefing speakers in advance in preparation for the meeting.

Upon request, we provide speech writing support: you know what you want to say, we help you say it right. Our trademark is Europe – thatís where we are at home. This allows us to shape your ideas to European topics. We are further specialized in security, defence and research policy topics.

> Information

Our clients are often looking for specific information on Europe. We organize tailored programmes, with carefully selected speakers, to answer these questions as fully as possible.

We specialise in European defence and security.

We offer broad services in European Affairs, our field of expertise. Whether you are dealing with EU legislative processes or access to EU funding, we bring you together with the right people in Brussels. We gather and prepare background material on your topics. You will find more information about our seminars and training programmes under COPURA Initiatives.

If you are interested in our offer or want to discuss individual tailored services, please contact us.

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